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This is an artists conception of what the castle will look like when finished.

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The 2006 Siege of Dupont Castle

The 2009 siege of Dupont Castle

2010 Murder Mystery at Dupont Castle

The overall long range plan.

View from the building location.

Picture of the royal wishing well we built.

Picture of the royal stone gateposts that we built

What the building site looked like at the end of 1998.

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Pictures of recent progress ( 2019)

1-11-2019 We had visitors today. Our good friend Jim came up to see us and brought his brother Mark. Mark is here visiting all the way from the Seattle area. It was great fun having them here.

1-13-2019 We had a visit from Mother Nature last night. So far she has left us about 3 1/2 inches of pretty snow. We are expecting another inch or so for the rest of today. Also, this is what the castle looks at the beginning of 2019. As far as the outer walls go, the only blockwork I need to do is eight more rows on the gatehouse. I need to wait till the weather is much better than it is right now.

1-27-2019 We also had a visit from a cute little bunny. He seems to be staying in the great hall during the nights. He then goes out during the day to look for food and visit with his friends. I have started putting out extra food for him. I am a bit concerned about the temperature here, it's getting pretty cold. At least in the great hall, he is out of the wind and rain.

3-4-2019 Well, she (Mother Nature) is at it again. This morning we woke up to another five or six inches of snow. Also, Hoppy the bunny didn't make it home last night like he usually does, I hope he's okay.

3-12-2019 We had a surprise visitor today. It was our good friend Shirley. She was in our area on business and stopped by. This is the first time she met Duke and they seemed to get along well. Duke, Patty and I were all happy to see Shirley. Perhaps she and her husband T.O. will come to see us again soon.

4-2-2019 The weather has been nice for a couple of days, so I have started laying blocks again. I need to do eight more rows above this gatehouse roof. So far, I am working on the second row of the eight rows.

4-9-2019 The work on the gatehouse is coming along nicely. I only have about one and one half rows to go.

4-10-2019 After twenty years of building the castle, I placed the last split faced block today. This is what the front of the castle looks like now. I still need to place concrete slabs over the tops of the crenelations to keep the rain out of the blocks.

4-14-2019 This what it looks like from the roof of the keep. You can see that the tops of the blocks are open. The walls over to the right side of the photo were finished by placing concrete tops on them long ago. The ones on the left still all need to be finished with tops.

4-15-2019 In order to make the concrete tops, I have to pour concrete into a form. This is the filled form for one of the tops for the last tower. You will notice tht it is curved because the tower is round.

4-24-2019 I have just installed the first of the last 5 windows that need to be installed. There are a total of about 50 windows in the entire castle, and now there are only four more to put in.

4-30-2019 The last window has just been installed. I still have two doors that need to be installed in the great hall.

5-30-2019 I have started building the first stairway that will go from the walkway up to the top of the gatehouse.

6-1-2019 I have now finished the stairway that goes from the walkway up to the top of the gatehouse.

6-24-2019 Our friend Tippy the Tree Frog stopped by again today. For some reason, he would rather spend his time on our roof than in a tree like he is supposed to.

6-24-2019 I have started building the stairway on the other side of the gatehouse.

6-30-2019 This is a very sad day at the castle. We lost our best friend. Duke was only about 9 1/2 years old when he died of Lymphoma. He left this earth way before he should have. We miss him now and will for a long time.

7-7-2019 I have finished the steps on the other side of the gatehouse.

8-7-2019 The floor of the gatehouse will be construced out of scrap granite pieces that were discarded by a company that makes granite countertops. I have them in place, I still need to motrar them in place.

8-12-2019 The granite pieces are now locked in place. I still need to seal the joints, but this is what it will look like. Not bad considering the granite was free, and the mortar cost about $20.

8-20-2019 Now that the floor is pretty much finished, I am going to get started working on the drawbridge. I have laid out the two outer pieces of 2X6 that will make up the drawbridge. It will be 10 feet long.

8-20-2019 I have finished the two plywood boxes (I call them brick-boxes) that will make up part of the system that will counter-balance the drawbridge. This is all new to me, I hope it works.

9-3-2019 The drawbridge is now in place. It works manually, but I still have a lot to do on it, like adding a motor.

9-11-2019 We were visited today by Stephano (Pandaman) and his lady friend Jacquelina. They were very nice, and Pandaman had a surprise for his lady.

9-11-2019 Pandaman (Stephano) got down on one knee and proposed to Jacquelina. He thought proposing in a castle would help cause her to say yes. IT WORKED!! They are now a happily engaged couple. Patty ane I wish them the very best.

If you would like to see a video, go Here

10-3-2019 We had a visit from our good friend Jim today. He was traveling around the country again (he likes to travel), and since he was in our area, he stopped by. We had a nice visit and even went out to dinner before he headed out. Patty and I had a nice time visiting with Jim, we don't see him very often these days.

10-21-2019 Friends from the "hood". We were visited today by friends from my old neighborhood. I lived a few houses down from Terry and Linda for over 30 years. It's been too long since we have seen them, and it was a very nice visit.

11-24-2019 The drawbridge now has a motor connected to open and close it. It runs a bit slower than I would like. When I have time, I will change the pulley ratio to make it go faster. If you would like to see a video of the drawbridge closing and opening, including a view on the inside of the counter weights, go here:

Drawbridge video on youtube

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Queen Patricia and I would like to say a special THANK YOU to the following people who have volunteered time and energy to help with the work at the castle site.

Bill Postlethwait
Mariann Postlethwait
Mark Eastwood
Barbara Gay
Jim Eaton
Carol Eaton
John Miller
Terry Robinson
Shereen Robinson
Brad Hurliman
Rob Dekarske
Shirley Mandler
T.O. Galloway
Bill White
Adam Elliott
Mike Rozalski

I would also like to thank the following people for advice, technical assistance, encouragement, and moral support:

John Miller - Bull Run Castle
Ron Bigbee - Castle Avalon
Sir Randy Michael - Chateau LaRoche
Peter Wing - Wings Castle
Sue Maxwell - Ravenwood Castle
Mike Freeman - Castell Gwynn
Roger Greim - Kataryna Castle
Bruce Busboom - Busboom Castle
Meme Hardin - Hardin Castle
Wyatt C Mortensen - Sleeping Beauty Castle
David O'Connor - Castle Anam Cara
Mike Newman - Newman's Castle

We would like to thank the following people who donated either money, furnishings, or building materials to the Dupont Castle building project.

Bill & Mariann Postlethwait
Shirley Zimmerman & Bob Hampl
Mark Eastwood &Barbara Gay
Frank & Beverly Frederick
Bentley & PamWestfield
Al Dumit
Frank Bredimus - Berkeley castle
Mack & Mattie McLaughlin
Terry and Rick Moody - Sky High Castle
John & Pat Beno
Terry and Linda Jemison
Tientje Willis
Carl & Christine Hanfling
Charles Klusarits
Rick & Shirley Rutherford
T.O. Galloway and Shirley Mandler
Bill White
Annamae and Ron Ankeny
Keith Nolan
Foy and Helen Varner
Jim Fassio
Richard Taylor
Tony and MaryBeth Heller
Stephano Christopher and Jacquelina Houck

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