The Siege of Dupont Castle

At first glance, these appear to be nice people.

But, they have come under the influence of the evil Princess Anya.

On the morning of April 24 in the year of our Lord 2006, we were descended upon by the forces of the Marlandrians lead by Princess Anya. We were caught by surprise, we were out of ammunition. The castle was under siege for a very long time. By some accounts, it may have been as long as two minutes. After this time, a deal was struck. We would let the fate of the castle be decided by selecting a champion from each side to fight it out to the end. We of course selected our great warrior Sir Galin.

And they selected the evil Princess Anya.

The fighting was fierce between these two great warriors.

It was obvious that there was no love lost between these fighters.

The fighting went on for hours. Anya struck at Galin.

Galin fought back.

Alas, Galin was no match for Anya the terrible, she was all over him.

After hours of fighting, Anya and Galin decided to become friends.

We and the invading forces decided on a truce. We allowed the invaders to spend the night in the castle, and in return,
Sir T.O. helped install some drywall.

And Lady Shirley helped paint the Queen's chamber.

After the work was done, we celebrated the truce with a castle cake which was made by Queen Patricia.

And T.O. took some nice photos.

The siege was over. The Castle was saved.

Pay heed, this is fair warning to anyone contemplating a siege of our castle. We have been able to find suitable ammunition in case we are ever attacked again.

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