Dupont Castle will be built in five phases.

Phase 1

Dupont Castle, Phase 1 - The Keep

    The Keep.  This will have two towers, located on opposite
    corners and  will contain the living areas.
    There will be a basement and 3 stories above ground.
        First floor  - Living room, kitchen, dining room,
                       family room 1/2 bath.
        Second floor - Two bedrooms sewing room and two baths.
        Third floor  - Two bedrooms computer room and one bath.
If we only finish the keep, at least we will have a place to live.

Phase 2

Dupont Castle, Phase 2 - The Keep and workshop

The next to be completed will be the workshop and part of the outer wall. The basement area under the workshop will contain a garage which is entered from the side of the castle.

Phase 3

Dupont Castle, Phase 3 - Front View

The next to be completed will be the rest of the outer wall including the gatehouse. The gatehouse may or may not have a drawbridge. The drawbridge will be installed last, if at all. If there is a drawbridge, it will be over a dry moat.

Dupont Castle, Phase 3 - Side View
Including "Moat Monster" the Backhoe

Phase 4

The great hall.

Phase 5

The two separate living units (one on each floor) that would be used for guests, or rented out from time to time.
Dupont Castle, Phase 5 - View from above.

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