I received E-Mail that said:

There is a castle way out in the country, just outside of a little town called Denmark, Wisconsin (close to Green Bay). I don't know too well how to describe the location. I was taking an aimless drive in the country when I spotted it, pretty much alone among a lot of farmland and a few old barns and farmhouses. It was set really far back from the road, but after some searching I found a tiny gravel road that twisted and turned and eventually led to the castle.

The castle itself is grey brick with towers that have purple peaks. There are gothic looking crosses coming out from each peak. There are arches and big, fancy windows. It looks like it's a pretty new building, and there are horse stables in the back but I could not see any garage or cars...

I believe it is someone's home, it looked well maintained and there was no signs or marquees or anything leading me to believe that it is a church or store or anything else.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

I searched for the Denmark Castle and actually took pictures of the location. It is actually just someone's elaborately built house. When I was there two women pulled into the driveway, looking unhappy that I was on their property but I solved this mystery I guess. I am enclosing a photo.

I'm not sure this quite qualifies as a castle, but I will leave it on the webpage while I think more about it.

On 7-25-05, I received E-Mail that said:

The castle in Denmark, Wisconsin is a convent for nuns. The nuns do not want any contact with the outside world so they used the very best material money could buy so they would not have to contact anyone to come and do any repairs. The nuns never leave the convent, they are self sufficient where as they grow all there food and raise on some meat such as poultry. I wish I could provide you more information, but it has been some time since I talked to one of the contractors that work on the this building and since the nuns want no contact with the outside world there is little information about this castle.

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Thanks to James Rivard for taking and sending the photo.