The house was built in the 1930's and replicates a German castle. It has stone floors, leaded windows and of course, a turret. It is 3 stories high, the bottom floor being a complete guest house with fireplace, etc.

A large carriage house is on the premises which houses a 6 car garage and a 3 story house as well. There is a swimming pool and the property features beautiful landscaping and stone steps which wind down to the sand. The beach is a part of this oceanfront property. It is located at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, California.

It is furnished with antiques from all over the world. The present owners are Dr. and Mrs. Don Ingwerson. It has only had 3 owners in the past 80 years. The house can be approached either by walking down the 56 brick steps to the entrance or by a funicular, also built in the 1930's. The undulating roof is used in Europe; builders put 4 roofs on it and shaved each shingle individually to give it its shape.

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