Red Gym Castle, sometimes known as The Armory, is located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. It was dedicated in May of 1894, and over the years has been used not only as a gym, but also as a center for cultural activities, the location for a state Republican convention, an ROTC training facility (which caused it to be firebombed in 1970 by persons opposed to the vietnam war), as a place for prom dances, and other purposes.

More than once it was about to be torn down to make way for newer buildings, but has survived to this day, and is now a National Historic Landmark. This fall, following an $11.8 million renovation, it opens as the university's first student services and visitor center. As such, the new Red Gym is expected to be a focal point for student activity and the perfect starting place for campus visitors. "The Red Gym was the hub of student activity from 1894 to about 1940," says Dean of Students Mary Rouse. "So it seems particularly appropriate to return it to that use. The building will serve literally thousands of prospective and continuing students, their families, alumni, and visitors well into the next century."

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