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I have a website for you to visit. Its my favorite castle in Missouri. I hope you find it interesting. This castle is called the Pythian House. It is so amazing and huge. Its recently been purchased by a family from California. I hope that they are restoring it but I'm not sure. It has a HUGE theater, bowling alley, and etc. The carriage house in the rear is also impressive. Even though It is now surrounded by the local National Guard facility, it is still something to see.
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On 7-21-05, I received E-Mail that said:

It is being restored by the family. They have a website.

On 2-1-08, I received E-Mail that said:

Enjoyed your castle page, and noticed your comments about eminent domain. Around here (Missouri) they just have corrupt inspectors declare your property to be dangerous, bar you from having utilities, and thus make it worthless - nobody will purchase property that can't have utls hooked up.... They are after Pythian Castle now, after an out of town person bought it and started to fix it.... demonstrated a real ability to fix it, unlike good ole boy locals who failed, and now the city is after her... really sad...

On 3-23-11, I received e-mail that said:

I should update you on the Pythian Castle of Missouri. I purchased it in 2003 and have been renovating ever since. As part of our preservation efforts, we have had the castle listed on the National Registry of HIstoric Places in October of 2009. It's historic name is Pythian Home of Missouri as it was built by the Knights of Pythias to house children and seniors related to the order. The US military took over the property as an "order of immediate possession" in 1941 to use the property as a part of O'Reilly General Hospital. During WW11 it was used as offices and service club providing entertainment for wounded veterans and enlisted members working here. As a very large installation, nearly all USO entertainers performed here. Like most castles, this one is rich in history. We have link on our web site with the full history.

While we ran into quite a snag as outsiders renovating a local historic site, and were actually closed for three years as a dangerous building, we are now back open to the public. We offer historic tours, ghost tours, murder mystery dinners, holiday events and are available for private rental.

Pythian Castle
1451 E. Pythian St.
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 865-1464

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