I received E-Mail that said:

I went to visit my sister that lives in Tryon,NC. They took me to a see a castle. We were trespassing when we went to see it. It is called Pookie Castle. And it is on top of a knoll that overlooks the town of Tryon. There is a legend that goes with it. There was a man and woman that lived there. He was sent away to war. (not sure which one) and never returned. There is wood placed at the door. And when moved it reappears. And the saying that goes with goes something like this....I have gone to war...and I will put wood by the door so katie (his wife?) will be cold no more. I moved the wood 3 times in 36hrs and each time I returned the wood was back. Only the last 2 times there was also a pile of rocks. If you can I would like to learn more about this castle and if you know what do the rocks represent. the castle is located in polk county, NC.

Does anyone have more information? Is there someplace I can get a picture?

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