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I went fishing 2 years ago in New Jersey on Budd lake. There is a little castle there which they have a theater inside which still being used today.

I have no idea on directions but on a map of NJ you can see budd lake.

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I got a forward of an email from a friend with a link to your site. It led me to the page with the unknown castle in Budd Lake, NJ. I'm from Budd Lake and the castle is called Pax Amicus Theater. It is on Budd Lake and they do productions all year round. Here's the phone # if you want to know more about them. 973.691.2100

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Hi I was looking through your directory of castles and saw the 'mysterious' castle Pax Amicus of Budd Lake listed. I live about a mile from it and see it every day! First off Budd Lake is NOT on most maps. However Hackettstown the neighboring town often is; from there you just take Rt. 46 East into Budd Lake.

Also if your on Rt. 80 in NJ, theres three exits, 26, 27a, 27b. Two consecutive exits are for Mount Olive Township, (made up of Flanders and Budd Lake). A visitor would have to take the exit for Budd Lake, and Rt.46(west). Sorry, I can never remember which number it is,I just follow the signs.

When you get off Interstate 80 onto Rt. 46 WEST you will go for a mile or two. Just stay on 46 and the road goes around the south shore of Budd Lake (The largest natural lake in NJ.) as you're about half way past the lake, look across the lake to the North, North-West shore and you'll see it nestled amongst the trees facing the lake. The best time to see it would probably be in the evening after dark, because there's lights on it.

If you continue Past the lake, the empty white municiple building, and a bank you can make a right turn immediatly after the bank, and follow signs back around the lake to the castle. I've never been there at night, but it is enchanting even in the day.

Sorry I don't have more information about the theater house plays, or a picture. I have never heard the history of the building but what you have on your page (below) sounds accurate.

For visitors comming a long distance, it is indeed a remarkable site. However i would call and make sure it will be open so you can see the inside at least. It's very small so i would recomend coming to see a play. Other wise your vist might be tough pressed to fill an hour.

"The Castle was built in the 1940s as a cinderblock synagogue. Later, it was owned by the Knights of Columbus. In 1978, it was turned into a theatre through the addition of a small stage house, two cinderblock turrets out front, and a fake-gothic facade. It sits at the end of a winding road on the shores of Budd Lake, perhaps 30 miles from Pennsylvania, and is surely one of the damnedest things one will ever run across. A sign over the front door reads "Pax Amicus"-"Peace, Friend."

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I stumbled onto your site while looking for some info on Pax Amicus Castle Theater. I've attached a photo for you to add to your website. I live in New Jersey, and performed in over 20 productions at Pax between 1988 & 1992. At the time they were producing mostly musical & children's theater. Today, they are doing "edgier" stuff, as well as Classical & Shakespeare. I haven't been up there in a few years, but was looking them up because my acting bug has been biting me again.

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Here is a link to my 'next door' neighbor - that you may or may not know about...

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