I received E-Mail that said:

This is a castle you may want to add to your website in the Oregon section.

It is located in Eugene, OR and is/was recently for sale. It's probably not fair to list the address but it's near the Laurelwood Golf Course and was listed with Windermere agency. I love castles so no offense to current/previous homeowners or even the builder, but this might be an example in today's terms of a problematic castle, maybe even a bit of a "fixer-upper", built in 1975. The listing sheet did not specify who built it.

I was excited that this went for sale in Dec. 2003 for $329,900 and was "Open House' one weekend - listed as a 1,984 approx. sq. ft, 2BR/2BA, 3 total 9x11 rooms in the tower, 8" bricks used for exterior and interior. I did not get the impression it was double-walled? What I saw was a small home that was cold and drafty from the probably non-insulated brick walls and drafty old steel windows. In the square tower section were tiny "rooms" with the main level having a ladder access to the upper level. As for the ground level I don't recall if the ladder went down to it or if you only had access to that part from outside. I thought the probably low-cost terra cotta tile floors were not appropriate to a castle. I did not understand why there is the shorter window that the couch faces - why isn't that window as tall as the one to the side of it near the stairs? Maybe that dormer in front of the round portion looks a little wrong or even forced?

I heard through the grapevine that a neighbor said that she watched and saw cars come and go, each spending about 4 minutes total looking at this house. So one could say it generated interest and curiosity but was a quick look. I was in and out pretty quickly too. My friend and I both thought it would be geared towards a couple college kids going in on the house together, maybe even a small frat or party-house. Not that it has to, but I would have wanted it to be more isolated from neighboring homes. It also has a separate approx. 500 sq. ft. "Cottage" currently used as a rental unit.

Does anyone have more information or a photo?

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