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There is another castle in oregon. It is located in creswell. It was built by one family over a couple of generations. I do not have a picture to send you, sorry but I have seen it and it looks like a traditional casle. Maybe later I could send a picture if you still can see it from the road.

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I was looking on your website and found the Unknown, Creswell, OR, castle. I was there for a wedding this weekend. It is owned by the Marquess family and was built about 15 years ago.

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I drive near the castle outside Creswell, Oregon fairly often, very likely again within the next month and might be able to drop by and take a picture while I'm in that area. There was quite a tale about difficulties building the castle. I was given to understand the castle was not built to the original blueprints and had major hassles getting past inspections. I understand the owner ended up paying large sums for a new set of blue prints to match the end design rather than alter his creation back to the original blueprints.

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I stumbled upon your website by accident and saw the castle in Saginaw/Creswell. and I saw that you don't have a lot of information. so I thougt I would tell you the story I heard about the castle. Like any other story, it is all about a girl. The story is that there was this young girl and young boy that were in love. Well the boy wanted to get married, but the girl said she was not ready to get married. Well the boy kept asking her over and over again. finally she said just joking around if you build me a fairy tale castle I will marry you. So he turned around and built her a castle and they got married and live happily ever after. So that's the story I heard. Me and my friends always drive by the castle on our was up to Eugene. I wish that they would give tours because it looks really cool.

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The castle is over 15 years old, because I am 24 and I have a picture of myself infront of it when I was 7 or 8. At that time the castle was already old enough to have a lost identity. Except of course for the story, which I'm sorry to say is much more tragic than the one posted on this site.

Yes, a man loved a woman and wanted to marry her, but she did not love him. So she told him that if he built a castle for her she would then marry him. However, when the castle was built she still refused and the castle was abandoned by the man.

If they had married happily ever after, it would still be in the family. The castle went up for sale about 6 years ago, I wanted to buy it, but at the time did not have the means. If only it would go up for sale again.

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I happened upon your page and saw the Creswell Castle. I live within a few miles of it and drive by occasionally. I also happen to know a young lady who will be marrying into the family who owns the castle and she will be living on the property. She is a lovely young woman who befits a castle for her home. I also flew by on the 30th of August 2004 and took these photos of the castle. I hope everyone enjoys them.

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I live in Creswell, Oregon and I don't even know the story behind the castle. There are sooo many stories behind it. All what I know is that my dad would go up to it when it was being built. Apparently, it took a long time to be built and wasn't finished for sometime. The most popular story I hear about it, is that a guy built it for his wife and by the time he finished it she got sick and died, or it was before he finished it and that's why it took a long time for it to be finished. It would be nice to know the real true story behind it. I found out stories about it from your website that I had never heard before.

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I really hate to rain on everyone's parade, but the true story of the Creswell castle is far more mundane then the fairy tale everyone is claiming. I'd love to know where they got their information from, because nearly all of it is pure fairy tale fiction, entertaining, but definitely fiction.

I know as the castle was built and is still owned by my Uncle. My Uncle built the castle in 1986 and took 3 years to complete not nearly the "generations" claimed. In addition my Uncle and Aunt were married long before the castle was built, so it was not built as a stipulation for marriage as people are claiming. Likewise, both my Uncle and Aunt are both still very much alive, so sorry no tragic death following a fairy tale romance either. Lastly the castle was never put up for sale so I find it kind of funny that someone said they wanted to buy it when it was put up for sale 6 years ago as it is still owned by my Uncle and will likely continue to be. The castle is a private home, and my family likes to keep their privacy so I will not give the name of my Uncle.

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Just some more information.

Creswell Chronichle Oct 20 2005
Article about woodworker Erik Shumate

"He also did most of the woodwork in the Ken Marquess' castle on Sears Road, including the large beams in the six-floor turret made with intricate dovetail joining."

Some additional pictures - and map coordinates are located here
to http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM7DZ_Creswell_Castle

It is located on Sears Road just SE of Creswell.

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