I received E-Mail that said:

My husband and I have been building a castle since 1990. We bought the property in 1988 and were going to build a log cabin on this hill that overlooks the Lake of the Ozarks lake. After looking into log home kits and spending lots of time figuring out which floor plan we liked, he came home one day and decided that we needed to build a castle instead. Yeh, sure!

Well, we are. The plans are in his head. We've never built anything before, but are learning day by day how to do things. He does the masterminding and I hand him tools. Ha!! We have had a young guy who does the masonry work for us, since we figured it would take us 200 years to build this ourselves on weekends. Everything else, we've done. We decided we couldn't afford building it in rock, so at the moment it is of concrete blocks but will be faced with rock, maybe stucco, not sure yet. The last of the blocks were laid last week and so now we have most of the plumbing, electrical and interior work to do yet. We have thoughts of turning it into a B&B, but I told my husband he could do the breakfasts and I'D do the beds!!

We are about 10-12 miles from the Ha Ha Tonka Castle in the Ozarks, so most of the locals call us the Little Castle. My husband named it the "Old Cross Castle" and if you look at the bottom floor windows, you can see why.

There is a story about the castle in the Rural Missouri Newspaper. You can see it here: http://www.ruralmissouri.org/05SeptCastles.html

{{Castlefinder note!}} It looks like this is going to be a great castle when it's finished.

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A special thanks to Ann & Kel Bayless for sending the information and photos.