I received E-Mail that said:

I have been searching the internet for information on a castle that is or used to be in Canton, Ohio. I used to live downtown and used to walk past this castle often. I think it was on Market St. in Canton and was used as a hall for rent at that time. Then heard that it was once used for a art museum. I can find nothing about it on the net, so I am not sure it is still there. I do know that they had built some apartments (called the castle apartments..how original) and they were your basic nasty 1960/70 type apartments.

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Here is some additional, information on this castle..sorry no picture....my friend is going to drive by the building today and will get the info on it...and I will pass it along!.

The name is "The Castle"

The castle is a hall that is used for events wedding receptions and stuff like that . But it is not an old castle so to speak . Maybe build in the seventies.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

The castle you refer to in Canton, Ohio was on Market Avenue North near 18th Street. It was originally the Case Mansion. My parents tell me they have been inside, back when it housed the Canton Museum of Art (must of been in the 60's when they were newly married). In the 70's, apartments were built around it and the castle was used as a clubhouse and rental hall. The castle was demolished about 20 years ago. I only remember it from my childhood, when we would drive down Market Avenue.

You can find a bit of information and a small picture at the following address: http://www.cantonart.org/About-Us.html The castle on Market avenue and 18th st. was the Case Mansion. It was built around the turn of the century. All black stone. It did house the museam of art for Canton in the late fifties early sixties. The apartments, built around it in the sixties were typical apartments of the day. The castle, then called King's Castle and apartments was rented for receptions, parties and weddings. My brother and his wife moved in in 1976. The castle was always well kept and was a fasicination of mine as a child.

The entire neighborhood was full of mansions mostly victorian around the castle. It was a very well to do part of town. Most of the victorians were run down and torn down in the late seventies, the castle was demolished in the mid eighties. I think the apartments are still there. A montesorri school owns most of the land today.

Since this is no longer in existence, I will probably remove it from the webpage one of these days.

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