I received E-Mail that said:

I used to live is Princeton Junction, New Jersey. when I grew up there, there was no castle. But one day I went to visit old friends frome the neighborhood and as I was riding by, someone had built a castle over the years. Unfortunally I have not been able to get any information on it. Is there anyway you can find anything out on the castle? It is on Bear Brook Road, Princeton Junction New Jersey

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

For information on the castle in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, try the West Windsor Historical Society at PO Box 38, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550. The castle is a private home, but fund-raising parties are held there at Christmas.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

I've recently attended one of the fund raisers at Princeton Junction's "Castle" and, frankly, I was not impressed.

This is not a castle, but a white two-story house with a turret dating from the 60s that was built awkwardly in that the turret's floors are not flush to the main building (off by a 3-4 inches -- not even a decent step). The floor plan is not that well laid out. The grounds are not impressive. The front "courtyard garden" covers the septic tank underneath (yes, they admitted that in the two sheet paper guide printout authored by the historical society!). The lauded entry hall cupid fountain is situated against the wall a bare two feet in from the front door step. So much for grand entries.

The owner/builders cluttered the house with an array of collections that could not be classified as antiques -- not even interesting collectibles. Mostly curiosities. Only one cabinet had a decent collection of miniatures -- some were truly lovely, unique items -- thus the cabinet was the only saving grace / point of interest. Many rooms reminded me of carnies and clearance flea market tables. The basement rooms were full of dusty farm tools, rusted cans (they looked like former canned food tins), empty wine bottles and bushels of used wine/champagne corks (not kidding) among other piles of items. All covered with heavy layers of dust. Sadly, mustiness lingered in the air.

For the monies the family is reputed to have, the house and contents are of dubious taste and in a sad state. The "This Old House" crew would have a field day.

Touching upon the floor plan again, the Winchester heiress' home (which strikes me more as a decent manor) in San Jose, California -- despite its Hodgepodge of wings and floors continuously added -- is far superior to this Princeton Junction "Castle".

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

The Castle is really the home of one Dr. Scott Parry, PhD. He was my Communications professor at one time. I believe he is a therapist by training but has also been a textbook author. The castle is really just a big house (26) rooms. He collects 19th. c. musical instruments and printing presses. They give tours around Christmas time.

On 10-31-10, I received e-mail that said:

I just wanted to send a follow up email of the "castle" style home in Princeton Jct, NJ. The extensive review was rather scathing and mean-spirited. This castle is a large, quirky home owned by a really nice, fun family. I was college roommates with their daughter and know that they viewed their home as an interesting, unique home and that this family opened their doors to many people. They built it to house the things that they considered to be interesting and fun to them and did not present themselves to be grand collectors or high end antiques curators. If one has high hopes of The House of Windsor, they will be disappointed. It is a large, curious home built by a very nice family.

On 6-18-17, I received e-mail that said:

I am currently working on the property of the Unkown Castle - Princeton Junction. The castle has changed owners and has been renovated extensively since the last emails to your site have been posted. I have attached an updated image as the last emailer had requested images.

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