Lowering the drawbridge.

I received E-Mail from the owner of Newman's Castle who said:

Poured the foundation in 1998. Had a crew do that. Have done all of the rest by myself with one helper. Cinderblock construction with a masonery stucco finish. Five corner turrets, 24 ft tall. Gatehouse, drawbridge not finished yet. Central keep, 42 ft. tall. Outer walls, 18 ft. Large courtyard in the middle. Chapel in one of the round turrets. Living quarters in the keep and in a lean-to construction along two sides of the outerwalls.

I'm having a fun time doing this. As you know, anyone coming out for a visit usually starts out with a "wow". Will be completely surrounded with a moat. Not living in it yet. For the last month and a half I've been making and installing chandeliers. Actually I can see light at the end of the tunnel in getting this thing finished. Making the furniture by myself. Can't seem to find anything that is appropriate from "off the shelf".

Mike Newman has invited you to view a photo album of

{{Castlefinder note!}} Great looking castle. Perhaps I like it so much in part because it looks a lot like ours will if we ever get it finished.

On 4-6-05, I received E-Mail that said:

I am a friend of Mikes for many years now and I just wanted to add notes to your information for you and encourage you to go see it and meet him. He has a bakery in Bellville, Texas that is a hot spot for tourists who go out that way to see the fields of flowers including bluebonnets and are looking to find a quaint, small town lifestyle.

He has had this vision of doing the castle for many years and when he says he made all the furniture by hand he means it. The draw bridge assembly is a stroke of genius using an enormous squirrel cage that takes 2 people to get inside of to lift the gate that weights close to 3000 lbs. You can see him in one of the pictures inside it. All the woodwork is done from scratch and of his own design including table and chairs, floors, walls, stairwells, the drawbridge and assembly, and a very beautiful chapel. It is a very unique.

I would encourage anyone who goes to Bellville to stop in his bakery for a donut and coffee or sandwiches and then drive out to take a look. He really has put his heart and talent into this and, I believe, will be a big part of the “American Dream” that takes a lot of determination and skill.

On 10-24-10, I received e-mail that said:

Some new info on Newman's Castle in Texas, they have a web link now and they are building more rooms..and giving tours.

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Photo and information courtesy of Mike Newman.