On 1-10-2020, I received e-mail that said:

I've read a lot about a castle that once stood in my neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, across the street from the Tiffany Castle that still stands (and is referenced under Missouri on your page). It stands two blocks from where I live and is currently owned by friends of mine. This castle stood at 101 Garfield Avenue (the Tiffany Castle's address is 100 Garfield Avenue). The castle at 101 Garfield Avenue was demolished in 1939, and I have never seen a picture of it. In researching, the family who built it had the last name of Trost; then the Pitrats and Dancigers owned it in years to follow.

By any chance would you have a photo of this castle from long ago?

Does anyone have more information, or a photo of this long gone castle?

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Thanks to Kent T. Dicus for the above information.