Picture sent in by Robert W. Harney. Lilliput Castle (Roberts name for it) is located in Liberty State Park. It measures about two feet tall and seven feet across. Does anyone know who built it or why?

Mr. Harney mailed me a copy of a magazine called Weird NJ and one of the letters to the editor which was sent in by Tom Nolz said in part:

The rumor about these lost cities found by Mark Moran being the work of a renowned NY artist is absolutely true. The sculptors name is Charles Simonds and his work is well documented in art books, publications, and museums in the 70s and 80s.

A big part of the philosophy behind Simonds' work is the element of discovery. When you happen to find one of Simons' works in the middle of nowhere, it has the same effect of discovering the ruins of a lost civilization. You have no idea of its past, who might have lived there, what they did, or why and how long they've been gone. Another interesting part of the artists work is that it is abandoned anonymously and left unprotected from environment - deteriorating over time just like the real thing.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

Allow me to give you more info and better pics about lilliput castle. from my own website:

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