On 10-25-09, I received E-Mail that said:

Was browsing Google books and came across this tower while flipping through "The Country House: A Practical Manual of the Planning and Construction...". Needless to say, the book has homes that are more mansion-like than common country homes, but this tower was in there, shown to be in Egypt, MA. A quick search of Google Maps with Panoramio enabled shows that the tower still exists, and has become part of Scituate, MA.

Tower image from book:

...and the image on Panoramio (I didn't take the pic)

On 3-21-10, I received e-mail with this link:

On 4-6-11, I received e-mail that said:

The tower was made by Thomas Lawson aka the copper king. It use to be a water tower, but his wife thought it was ugly and didn't want to look at it so Lawson sent architect to Europe to research castles. They came back and covered it up. The water tower has since been removed, and now is primly for sight seeing and bells (Thomas turned the water tower into a bell tower). It has always been in Scituate, and at that location.

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A special thanks to Jeff W. of "dreamsofcastles" for finding this one.