I received E-Mail that said:

Kelley Castle is located near Lake Killarny, Tomahawk Wisconsin. The road and utilities were begun in 1987, and construction started in 1994. Construction continues; both to the right and left of the keep. To the left will be 2 stories of granite and then "gingerbread"....the corner will have a turret; like the others but round and with a roof, the base has already been poured; this work should be completed this year.

I am an electrician by trade. I work with a mason every Saturday. He does the corners and keeps the building straight and level. I fill in between going off his work so I do not get too far lost. I hire other trades that I do not have the knowledge or equipment to do myself. Plumbing was subbed; precast above first floor was subbed; carpenter is sometimes hired, maybe others. With a general knowledge of construction I try to help facilitate the work of others.

{{Castlefinder note!}} I'm very impressed with the detail around the top.

Mr. Kelley said:

The turrets were poured in place with with a steel form and cement mixer on the roof; 3/4 rebar is run up the entire corner and protrudes into the corner base. The corners are held diagonally to each other with a hollow inside corner that is filled when the roof is poured creating a counter weight.

On 7-13-09, I received e-mail that said:

I have included a recent pic of my own project. Funny, whenI began I barely laid 2 stones without taking a pic. Now I do not always take one year to year.

On 9-16-09, I received e-mail that said:

Pet Kelly’s castle is in the newspaper with several pictures you might enjoy…….he has made a lot of progress…….

On 2-12-10, I received e-mail that said:

Last fall the newspaper was out and a few days later a gal from the tv station came out and did a short piece which you might enjoy. Castle

On 9-12-19, I received E-mail from the owner that said:

Last year I completed the roof on the great hall. I used a 'synthetic slate' (plastic) looks very good and much easier to use. this year I have been working on the ceiling and a very large window.

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Information and photo courtesy of Pete and Arleen Kelley.