I have heard of a castle that is located near Cedar Lake, Indiana. I have a link to a story about it. It is here:


On 7-24-11, Ireceived e-mail that said:

Was browsing your site to see what new additions had shown up and saw the Crown Point area castle and the news article that it links to. Thought Iíd have a try at locating it as the article provides an approximate location. What do you know, it worked! Hereís a link to an areal view of the castle, but I couldnít see the cell tower that the owner complained about that prompted the article. Perhaps the maps havenít been updated? Anyway, hereís the link:


On 9-10-14, I received e-mail that said:

I stumbled across your site while quenching my thirst for castles and I found this castle. My aunt actually lives next door and you can see her garage in the picture haha. The man building the house does work on it here and there, but it generally stays in the same state. He has added a draw bridge and seems to be getting a moat going. The inside actually, looks just like a regular house. The towers are just there for show on the outside. I had hoped they would be stairs or even rooms but they are not. It is still very beautiful and everytime we have family partied the man is nice enough to let us park and take pictures in front of it.

Does anyone have any information about this castle?

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