I received a photo of an arsenal that is or was in Springfield, IL. Can anyone tell me if it is still there or any other information about it?

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

Here is some information on the Springfield Arsenal Castle that you have listed in Illinois. I got this from my cousin who lives in Springfield.

The castle was originally located on the corner of 2nd and Monroe, across from the Capitol Building, where the Armory building is now. The interior was gutted by fire set by a kid on a Sunday prior to WWII. The place was "remodeled" and the turrets were removed and it now houses State Government workers. There is a gym and offices located inside the building.

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

Your website indicated interest in a "castle" one located in Springfield, IL. This "castle" was called the Illinois State Arsenal. It was destroyed by fire when a 10 year old pyromaniac tossed a burning bag up on the stage of the auditorium/theater. The curtains caught fire and the entire structure was gutted. It was demolished and in its place, the current Illinois State Armory was constructed. It was not "remodeled" as a previous writer has apparently indicated to you.

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Thanks to Phil Bilzor for sending in the photo.