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I was rescently at ebay looking up postcards and came accross one that had a picture of a castle on it. the name they had for the castle was "Hazard's castle" the location was narragansett, rhode island. I live in narragansett and do not remember ever seeing this. there is a road called Hazard ave in the town but just normal houses on it. If you could help me in anyway that would be great. I am quite curious about this structure.

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They finished a lot of work on the towers. They restored some little look out thing on the top last summer. I dont know if they are going to do anything else but I will see what I can find out for you.

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Hazards castle is still there, albeit hidden behind a few trees in that Our Lady of Piece religious retreet on ocean road. I live on ocean road and often wondered the same thing myself until this winter when I glanced through the leave-less trees and there it was.

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Hazard castle was Oliver Perry Hazard Belmont's castle. Mr. Belmont married Alva Vanderbilt, Willie K. Vanderbilt's ex-wife. She of the infamous Marble House in Newport. He of the infamous Belcourt Castle also in Newport. His other mansion was what they now call Hazard Castle and he lived there on occasion with Alva. He named it with an Irish/Scottish type name back then....the information can be found in a book on Alva Vanderbilt's life. Mr. Belmont also has a racetrack named after him in Long Island, NY- Belmont Raceway!

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Hazard's Castle, 1846-1884, was built by Joseph Peace Hazard (1807-1892), of the long established South County Rhode Island family, on his Seaside Farm in Narragansett Pier. Hazard's Castle is now the main house of Our Lady of Peace Spiritual Life Center. My great-great-grandmother's diary reveals Oliver and Alva Belmont, her employers, frequently lived secretly apart for most of their marriage. Oliver Belmont occasionally lived at Hazard's Castle alone or with one of his mistresses.

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A friend of mine who had worked at Belcourt Castle says that this residence was never owned by OHP Belmont.

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Joseph Peace Hazard (1807-1892) built Hazardís Castle, 1846-1884. He spent most of his later years traveling throughout the world. He died before OHP Belmont married Alva. My great-great-grandmotherís diary does not say who owned Hazardís Castle when Oliver was there.

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My great aunt was Katherine Burnet Hazard and she lived in this castle in Narragansett for many years with Peace Hazard and her four children, they had a very interesting life, my father used to spend his Christmases and summer in that castle, she had about 30 or 40 servants to run it, she also owned a chalet in Switzerland and a cottage in the Virgen Islands. she was my grandmother's sister and my granny lived with us, and they used to visit back and forth (I grew up in NY). Do you know that Joseph Peace Hazard built it because he was a spiritualist and a Druid came to him in a dream and told him to build a Gothic Style castle! interesting, huh?

my grandmother and aunt used to go to the spiritualist church just for kicks, I think. He built the tower for his mother (he was somewhat eccentric but a great man). There were a lot of interesting activities that went on in that house, they (my aunt and uncle were friends with all the famous writers of their day). My grandmother and aunt had a grandfather who was governor of Pennsylvania during the civil war (Andrew Gregg Curtin) and he founded the Gettysburg cemetary.

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I enjoyed your listing about Hazard Castle! My grandparents were Isaac Peace Hazard and Katherine Burnet Hazard, who lived in the castle when my father, aunt, and uncles were children. My dad had a couple of fun stories about the castle, and it's a shame I never saw the interior, living only 15 minutes away from it as a child. It was at that time owned by the Catholic Diocese. I believe it has been up for sale since 2007. I wish I could buy it and get it back in the family!

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I wasn't sure if you noticed that hazard Castle is for sale with Lila Delman Real Estate. SCindependent.com has a poll to see if people hope Narragansett will buy it for the town. (I don't think any town in RI has that kind of money, though)

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