I received E-Mail that said:

I remember visiting a castle off of Rte 17, the Old Ogechee Rd, going east, before you get to the main highway. Near a bank off to the side of the road was a castle. People in the area said that it been brought over by some Irish folks before the war. I asked which war and they stated the only one we've had here, that the family wasn't there long (as folklore had it), they went back to Ireland. The castle still stood when I left, that was about twenty years ago. I went back ten years ago to find that it was closer to the road (or the road closer to it) and a housing complex was around it.

It has always been a fond memory of mine from that time. If you could tell me more if you know of it, that would be great. It is the only American Castle that I can tell my children I have visited.

On 4-6-12, I received e-mail that said:

I was browsing your castle website (great site by the way!!) and noticed your note about an unknown castle in Savannah, GA. I recognized your photo of it from a visit I made several years ago while geocaching there. There is a lot of information and pictures at these two sites:



There are other geocaching sites on the web. This one seems to have a lot of interesting information:

Here is it: https://montemlife.com/ultimate-guide-to-geocaching/

Does anyone have any information about the castle?

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