I received E-Mail that said:

There is another castle located on Vilano Beach but cannot be seen from the road as it is being constructed on low lying ground hidden by scrub oak. The man building it is Art Schull. A true master builder! He is contructing his tower out of Coquina, as the Castillo de San Marcos was contructed. I have visited the tower on several occasions in the past and it is truely a feat of workmanship! I was introduced to Mr. Schull a few years past. He is a private man and doesn't invite people to view his workmanship! Too bad for all the Castle lovers out there!!

Does anyone have any information about it? Is there someplace I can get a picture? If anyone knows for sure that Mr. Schull would not want his castle mentioned on this webpage, please let me know and I'll remove any reference to it.

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