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There is a castle in Goldens Bridge, NY that supposedly goes back a long way. It was a restaurant at one time, among other things until a fire burned some of it down. It sits on top of a mountain and is supposedly magnificent. I think it's a private residence now. I was wondering if anyone had info on it.

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I believe the Castle you are looking for information about was used as a restaurant in the early 1960's. It was called "Falcon Rock or Falconroc." We ate there one evening prior to it burning down. I don't know if it's true or not, but I had heard it was built by the owner of a famous cigar company ... White Owl or Robert Burns ??? Not much information, but hope it helps.

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There was a castle in Golden's Bridge, NY and it did burn down in Jan of 1968. (I was there as one of the firefighters). The story I heard was this was owned by the Bondy's (Bondies) and was a duplicate of a Castle in England (unknown). Some even say it was brought here stone by stone. But I think the duplicate is a little closer to the truth.

When I moved from Golden's Bridge there was only a wall left and a Dr. was building his home uptop of the road where the castle once stood. (Manor Dr.) It was said that arson was what happened to cause the fire and no one ever received a penny from the insurance co.

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I have a bit more info for you regarding this castle.

It was built in the 20's by the White Owl Cigar family. I lived in the area in the 60's and 70's, and we used to see Mrs Bondie (sp) drive around town in her huge car, with her head barely peeking above the steering wheel. I am not sure if she was related to the White Owl people, but there used to be a Bondy Bread company named after her family.

During the 60's it was known as "Falcon Roc Restaurant", and the rumors were that it was owned by the Mob...The local High School used it for their Prom in 1967 or 1966, and there were a few pics in the yearbook. One pic was taken from above the castle, and showed what a beautiful place it was...It had two large wings, a middle tower, and was set high atop a hill. The original estate had 450 acres, complete with stables, huge swimming pool, and tennis courts.

I remember watching the place burn down from where I lived,,we were very sad to see it destroyed. The arson rumours were widespread- supposedly the windows were all open that night...My family knew several of the local firemen that responded...

The place spent several years abandonded, with just a shell standing. Huge stone walls with giant window frames, overgrown terraces with lovely views...such a shame...The land was slowly developed through the years, and the drive way (which was over 1/4 mile long) was widened and called "Manor Drive", and houses were built. I wouldnt be surpised if someone were to have built a huge house where the ruins were...it had views for miles...

You might be able to get a pic from the Goldens Bridge Historical Society... not sure ...

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I came across your site as I was searching for some answers or elaboration on the stories that I had heard about this castle as a child. My mother grew up in the area and my grandmother tells the story of how she and my grandfather went there for dinner one evening. She describes it as such a special place, from the great entry hall with velvet drapes to the discotheque in the basement. The food was wonderful and exotic. She did tell me about the rumors surrounding the fire and ruin of Falcon Rock, which of course, hearing the stories as a young girl only added to the mystique.

What makes this castle so special is that my Mom actually has a piece of it that she has carried around and moved all over the country for more than 30 years. That is a good story as well. After the fire the property was obviously closed off for hazardous reasons. Like a previous e-mail said, there was still a bit of the structure left: part of the staircase going down to the basement, parts of walls and fireplaces and chimneys. My Mom was a student at a local art school and one day a few of her friends decided to sneak on to the property and rummage around. I can't remember the details but there were three gargoyles that remained that had fallen from the castle during the fire and as you can imagine, there was a fight about who had dibs on the gargoyles. Somehow or another my Mom got one. It makes the Falcon Rock story more real to me since I have never seen a photo or been there. If anyone does come across a photo it would be even better.

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About Falcon Rock castle in Goldens Bridge NY, I thought I'd send this along.

It appears that they are rebuilding it.

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It was called Falcon Rock Castle prior to its tragic end in 1968. It was at the time an upscale restaurant as well a facility to host weddings and so on. It was the first time I had frog legs.

I was there the next day after it burned down in 1968. It was then owned by a Lancello who manufactured wigs in New Jersey. It was his dream, devastated afterwards. I was a musician at the time and played many times in the Dungeon room at the castle. We lost a small amplifier in the fire.

At the time of the fire there was a large swimming pool to the side of the castle. The Golden's Vol Fire department used the water to try to put the fire out. But the pool, as large as it was drained very quickly from truck pumpers and after that there was no water and the castle just went up in flames. If you look carefully, if pictures of the remains are the original photo's, in the center main room, you should be able to see the remains of an original hand carved Steinway Grand piano. It was truly a castle, with many secret passage ways leading all around the main rooms. Supposedly they came in very handy during the prohibitions days.

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Read your posts on falconroc castle in goldens bridge n.y. my father owned it in the 1960,s when it burned. Very sad time for our family. Many of the comments need updating. I still have the iron candrlabras the fireman saved.

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