I understand that this building is located in Ellensburg on the corner of Third and Capitol Streets. It has some of the features of a castle.

I received E-Mail that said:

You have the location wrong. Capitol and 3rd streets run parallel to each other. The castle is actually at 3rd Ave. and Chestnut Street.

Later, I received E-mail that said:

This was origionally built as the Governor's Mansion, then Ellensburg had a big fire - and most of the town burned down. The Capitol of Washington was then moved to Olympia yet the Castle remains.

For a little more about the history, http://naneum.eburg.com/glance.html
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On 1-16-09, I received e-mail that said:

Ellensburg was the site of the state Admissions Convention in 1889, called by citizens of the territory for the purpose of petitioning Congress for statehood. There were high hopes that Ellensburg would be named the state capital due to its central location. Plans were even drawn up for the capitol site on the northwest edge of town and a mansion to house the Governor was built across town. That building, known locally as "The Castle" may be seen today at the corner of Third and Chestnut.

Whether it was disaster or politics that changed the course of history is open to debate. On the evening of July 5, 1889, a fire, fanned by Ellensburg's famous northwest wind, destroyed most of the business district and many homes. Although the rebuilding of the city began in a matter of days, this time with brick construction, Olympia was chosen as the state capital.

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