On 7-27-05, I received E-Mail that said:

I have a picture for you of a castle in Walton, NY The castle is in the middle of town on rt. 206 I am not sure of the history; I am going to go to the chamber next time I am in town. I have heard that it was once a restaurant, it stands next to the old grange. It is currently vacant and has been for a while at least 5 years that I have been visiting the area.

On 7-23-06, I received E-Mail that said:

The unknown castle in Walton, New York is a former armory.

On 5-10-13, I receved an e-mail that said:

Hello, I recently found your list of castles, and was surprised to see the one in Walton, NY listed. I live a few minutes away, and while I don't know it's complete history, I know it started as an armory, and currently sits unused and uninhabited. It was at one point a restaurant, and I was able to locate this website which has a bit more information on it.

Hope this information can be of use, felt the need to help fill in some gaps, being that I pass this at least once a week.

On 3-24-14, I received e-mail that said:

Jim, I just stumbled on your website about Castles of the US while seeing where our "Castle" comes up in a search. I am the webmaster for the Castle on the Delaware, a restored armory in Walton NY:

Castle on the Delaware is now a full-fledged cafe and events venue owned and run by Mustafa and Olena Sav.

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Thanks to Maryann for sending the photo.