On 1-6-11, I received E-Mail that said:

I'm Bonnie Palmer, my husband, Robert and daughter Brittany and I, have built a castle in southwest Missouri just outside of Springfield. We have named her Chateau Charmant which means Charming Castle in French. My husband drew a picture of a castle on retiring and said" I want to build you a castle" (It was a lovely 3 story home with turrets and crenelations. ) I said "No, people will think we're crazy!" But after looking at that drawing I relented, only if we could share our home with brides for their wedding.

Our dream grew into a full scale 15th century castle with only the 3 of us building it! (I think it's the largest castle built by the smallest crew in the world). We've spent 5 years to date and are not finished. Please, check out our web site or

We're located at 1700 Martins Branch Road, Fordland, Mo, 65652.
417 767 2233

On 11-12-12, I received e-mail that said:

Just got some pictures of a new castle home in the state of MO. You have an Arial photo on your web page....

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