I received E-Mail that said:

I'm not sure if it's still there, but about 15 years ago I lived in Natchez. There was a small castle barely outside of town. Just off the road but you could barely see it because of the trees. I went up there 1 time to check it out on a motor cycle. When I got to the castle I had to turn around real quick because there was about 6 Dobermans on my tail, boy I was scared.

On 6-1-07, I received E-Mail that said:

Please allow me to respond to the enquiry concerning a castle outside Natchez. I live there now and have no idea about the building the writer described. He or she may contact me or send further details, however, and I will be happy to run down any and all leads.

Of course, the premier restaurant in town is "The Castle" restaurant. It is at "Dunleith" Plantation (so named in keeping with the builder's Scottish roots) where the 19th-century owner had a typical antebellum Southern cavalier fetish for Sir Walter Scott and all things chivalric, so much so that he had all the outbuildings and dependencies on the property retrofitted with crenallated battlements and ramparts, etc (to heighten the ambiance for the actual real-life jousting tournaments he held there -- kind of an 1800s Renaissance Fair). The restaurant is in one such dependency (the old kitchen or carriage house, I think) which looks, fittingly enough, just like a castle (complete with English pub downstairs). Also, interesting to note is the fact that an attached dependency to the big house (which looks nothing like a "castle") burned last week but the fire was stopped before it spread much further.

On 1-24-13, I received e-mail that said:

The Unknown Castle in Natchez, MS - I have not been here, but found a few pics online - its actually called The Castle restuarant:

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