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I grew up in a little town near Pasadena called Montrose. Near there up the hill in the trees off of Castle Road there is a Baronial Castle. It can be seen from the street and from across the La Crescenta Valley with binoculars. It flys a flag from the highest turret. My Mother and I used to drive up to look at it when I was a little girl. In those days it was painted pink. The land from the gate pillars has been sub-divided, but the big castle is still there. It is now painted grey, and I met one of the neighbors who told me it is very grand inside. I think the street from the old gate location to the dead end with new castle gates is called Castle Lane.

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Over the weekend I watched a documentary called “Rancho La Canada” and it describes the history of the Cresenta/ Canada Valley. In this documentary I learned about Wallace Castle, in which you have as “Unknown Castle- La Canada Flintridge.” It belonged to Allen Wallace and was built in 1911. I apologize, but I don’t have the time to type out all of the history, but here is a link that has some of the castles history (pg 50). The documentary also mentioned another castle in the same area named “Gould Castle” completed in 1892. The web site below has info about this one as well (pg 44).


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The castle in La Canada, allegedly located in Montrose or La Crescenta by a contributor is actually in La Canada/Flintridge as the denotation says.

The address is not Castle Lane (which is a short little thru street in La Crescenta), but it is on 5455 Castle Knoll Rd. at the end of a cul de sac on a hill. Hence the name of the street. It was once dilapidated, but since 1992 owned by the Strong familiy. It is quite a sight and beautifully restored by the Strong family.

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I was on the Board of Directors of the Glendale Historical Society in the 1970's and developed a tour of Foothill architecture titled "From Cottages to Castles". This castle had just been purchased by the Mills Family who graciously allowed me to tour the incredible structure. I will never forget the Halloween Party they threw prior to retoration!

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The Castle in Flintridge, outside of LA, was known as “the pink castle” because my grandparents, Frank and Betty Strong, painted it pink and it remained that way for half a century. After my grandfather died in the 1950s, my grandmother moved out and it was vacant for many years, vandalized, subdivided, eventually sold to new occupants who painted it and refurbished it.

I visited the castle around 1980 and it was owned by a Japanese couple and it was surrounded by subdivisions. Gone was the huntsman cabin at the gated entry, the small man-made lake with waterfall, and orange groves. As a child, I was told that my grandfather bought the castle unfinished and completed it. Frank R. Strong was an attorney and builder in Southern California.

About a mile or two North West of the “Pink Castle” was a rock castle. Both that castle and the “pink castle” was listed in a California State brochure which was handed out as one passed the Agriculture Inspection Station entering California in the past. They were listed along with Hearst Castle at San Simeon (I think it listed 10 castles of California).

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