I received E-Mail that said:

There is a "castle" in citrus heights or roseville (or somewhere in that 10-mile stretch of interstate 80), california.

Later, I received E-mail that said:

It is located in Roseville, when they were first building it years ago it did look like it was a real castle, but since its completion in 2001(?) it has been the home to the largest arcade in the Roseville/Citrus Heights area... It is a part of the Golf Land Sun Splash chain... the website is http://themeparks.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=themeparks&zu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.golfland.com

On 10-27-08, I received E-mail that said:

As to this castle, I believe the second is right. The castle is part of Golfland, a miniature golf addition to the water park. The park is visible from I-80 which is why a lot of people have seen it.

On 10-13-09, I received e-mail that said:

I live in Sacramento, CA, and saw you had listed an unknown castle in Roseville, CA. Your site mentioned it was most likely the Golfland Sunsplash castle, but I think it is actually the residence at 700 Elisa Way, Roseville, CA.

From Interstate 80, driving by, the exterior looks like a castle. But if you check www.zillow.com you can see the aerial photos that show it's a facade made to look like a castle from the exterior. I've always wondered what that place was and finally looked into it.

If anyone has any more info on that place, please post! Interesting story behind that residence, I'm sure!!

On 5-26-10, I received e-mail that said:

My Uncle Jerry Lee owns the castle in Roseville, adjacent the I-80 highway at 700 Elisa Way. The golfland USA castle is definitely not the infamous "Roseville castle" that most of Sacramento knows.

My uncle acquired the land in the late 70's and completed work shortly some time there after. Jerry Lee is a creative and eccentric man who loves the notoriety of his castle. He is also the self proclaimed King of Roseville. He is a local entreprenuer, owner of Jerry Lee Beauty College, and California Stairways in Roseville, CA. The "Lee Castle," over the years has been a Lee family estate that has provided residence to many, immediate and extended, family members.

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