I received E-Mail that said:

This is a photo of a castle from a website

Does anyone know anything about this? Is it located in California, or somewhere else? Does it have a name?

Later, I received E-Mail that said:

My photographer friend Tania Amochaev alerted me to Katrina's query about a "castle" photograph she saw on a Healdsburg Arts Council site, I believe. I was working on a book (Dilapidated Structures and Abandoned Buildings) and I saw this odd structure--not really a castle, some kind of mock building, and I asked Tania to photograph it for me. It is in Healdsburg, I think on Chiquita Road. If you want me to check, I will. I know nothing about it except that it is not a true castle.

On 10-27-08, I received E-mail that said:

This castle is NOT located in Healdsburg. Sorry to ruin your hopes of finding its location, but there are no castles in healdsburg. I live there... If for some reason this was shot in hbg, I assure you it's not a castle. As the previous email said they found it on the hbg arts council site, it could have been some piece of art (there are some weird pieces of art in this town) that was photographed or maybe it was not a real photograph at all.

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Link found by Katrina Price.
Castle photo by Tania Amochaev.