Front view of castle.

Bull Run Castle is located in Loudoun county Virginia, 45 miles west of Washington, D. C. It is centered in the middleburg area, situated in a pastoral setting and surrounded by horse enthusiasts.

The castle is built to be defended. Four corner towers gird the center, east, and west wings. A twenty foot diameter four story keep (pictured at the left) establishes a mute strength that is impressive. Arrow loops (shooting ports) are located at strategic locations.The main doors are five inches thick and are girded with steel.

The receiving hall gives a hint of elegance upon entering the seventy-four foot long center section. On this level of the keep is the location of the armoury which is loaded with the tools of war - all for sale. Two portcullis' barricade the antique shop entrance and the ninety foot tunnel.

The dungeon which is accessed through a trap door in the barbican contains two bunks, straw mattresses, a bucket and a lantern.

All four lovely bed and breakfast rooms will be open. They are; The French Boudoir, The English Tact Room, The Victorian Room and The Tourdela Amoire Room.

No contractors worked on the castle. John Roswell Miller, his two daughters, and second son started with a cornfield and woods and built a 7100 square foot castle.

The castle is located in Aldie, Virginia, on Route 15, two miles south of Gilberts corner where Route 15 intersects with Route 50.

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I understand that the castle was recently sold. The previous owner gave tours, but I do not yet know if the new owner will also give tours, or what else they may have in mind for their castle.

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