On 5-8-11, I received E-Mail that said:

Built in 1850, the Braden Castle Ruins used to be the Braden Plantation House, also known as the Braden Castle. It was owned by Dr. Joseph Braden, who was a very notable person in the locale for his deeds. This very home is also well known for being the localsí refuge, whenever there are attacks by the Seminole Indians.

The start of the decay and downfall of the plantation house is believed to be caused by vandals. In 1903, a fire engulfed the property, which later on led to it's collapse. Not until the property was acquired by The Camping Tourists of America did it become the park that people know today.

The Braden Castle Ruins is now a part of the Braden Castle Park historic District, which has been a part of the National Register of Historical Places in 1983.

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I'm not sure this is a castle, it would be interesting to see what it looked like before it burned.

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