On 5-20=2021, I received E-Mail from the owner that said:

We started construction in 2018 after a wild fire burned our house down. After surviving that and much deliberation we decided we wanted a house that wouldn't burn again ever so block and cement made the most sense. I've actually wanted to build a castle for the last 10 years or so and this seemed like the perfect opportunity, if you're already building a house out of cement why not make it a castle lol. My wife wasn't quite as easy to convince but she came around after I promised to make the inside more modern.

It's not huge by castle standards, only coming in at just shy of 5000sqrft, It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with 15ft. high ceiling in the great room and 9ft everywhere else. The floors inside are stained concrete and the roof is full weight concrete as well. We used a company call Ecospan for the steel trusses for the floors and roof. I will send you pic's of the build as well as pic's of it complete once we get there.

Haven't decided on the name yet, I'll have to see what it says to me once complete.

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