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I just wanted to report another castle sighting in Indiana in the town of South Bend, I 'm not from there so it's hard to tell you where but a friend and I were driving to the movies and one block north of Ireland road if you go up U.S. 31 head west past the kerasotes movie theatre and you'll see a castle, it was in the midst of being built when we drove past but is basically a home in a castle style with torch sconces flanking the the drawbridge leading to the doorway, it's was really neat.

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The castle back in the woods in South Bend, In belongs to a Mr. Jeffery Scout Beyer. It was started in 1998 and will hopefully be finished in 2000. There is a draw bridge and soon to be pond. I don't want to give away to much, but will tell you that it is going to be a bed & breakfast.

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The castle you are talking about is out by Showplace 16. Go south down Main St. in South Bend, then take a right turning to go by Showplace 16 and then just drive down that road. It is on your left as you are driving. It's far back in the woods so look closely. It is down that road. It's a really nice place. I have only seen it from the outside

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I have a pic of Beyer Castle in South Bend, IND... I just recently came across it myself. It is not an upclose picture.. but maybe it will be of some help to you. If I can get any better pics of it I will send them to you.

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Beyer Castle is on Chippewa Road back in some swampy woods. I currently live across the state line in Michigan but my parents still live out in the country in South Bend, Indiana where I used to live with them. I try to drive by the castle whenever possible on my way to their house to see what new things have been added. I didn't realize that other people had an interest in the castle like I do. I think it is very imaginative and looks fantastic. It is in the perfect setting and because of the high water table, the owner was able to create a creek that runs into a moat that he dug around the castle. There is always standing water in the moat which makes the whole place look authentic. I would love to have the opportunity to go inside the castle and stay and visit. It is really magical.

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Jjust wanted to give you our web address:

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2014 Update: Beyer Castle is a private residence, not currently operating as a Bed & Breakfast.

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Thanks to Howard Whetstone for sending the photo.