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I am from Slidell, Louisiana. I am not sure of what the castle is called but I do know that there is a castle in Big Branch which is near the water way. The only way you can get to this castle is by boat.

The guy who owns this castle used to run a televison show. The reason I know about this castle is because when my dad was a kid his parents knew the guy who owned it. I do know that you can take a tour there ( we used to have the number, but lost it).My dad said it was bulit in the early 1800's.

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Link to this castle:

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While I was perusing the rest of the Louisiana castles, I noticed another listing for Slidell, LA. The photo you have definitely looks like Fort Proctor (which is not in Slidell). There's a fort in Slidell called Fort Pike that is very cool, but not really a castle either. It is on the Louisiana state parks website if you want to check it out:

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I agree that Fort Pike is not a castle.

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