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There is castle in Lake Elsinore, California (southern california) and I was wondering where I could find pictures of it. The castle is called Aimee's Castle and I was wondering if anyone knew any information about it. If you do it would help me greatly. thanks

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Aimee Semple McPhearson is the lady who built this Castle in Lake Elsinore California. It sits high upon a hill, it is said to have underground tunnels. I am looking for pictures of this Castle. I have a friend who has visited this Castle years ago.

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I have located this castle. at : there are 3 aimee1.html; aimee2.html; aimee3.html each have pictures and captions.. can you find any pictures of this castle or pictures that show it better?

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I thought i would update you on Aimee's Castle in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Today was the grand open house for its sale. i have known that castle fourteen years. wow, pictures of the restoration are amazing. i'd say better than the original look i have studied ! many locals hoped that it would become part of an upscale restaurant or resort. after all, lake elsinore was the haven for hollywood 20's-ww ii.

The castle is priced at only 1 million. not that i have the bucks, but i believe it is worth much more. (plz, don't think that is the only million dollar house in lake elsinore. it is the price for other view homes in the ortega hills in lake elsinore.) i hope that aimee's castle holds a special place like it does for local residents of our nostalgic 1929 estate.

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My sister owns Aimee's Castle (and is selling it right now) - there are some great pictures of it on The MLS ID# is: 051026126.

The direct link to the pictures is:

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